Why Donate?

I love my dogs & cats and buy them the best food I can, runs almost $40/bag for the dogs alone. Bones, treats, shots all add up. I have a very basic woodshop and am trying to fix it up a bit so I can hopefully make some cool stuff that will interest someone. All the stuff I have made so far I have given away. I am interested in starting more elaborate projects but need good quality hardwoods, and they are not cheap. I have not been able to work in the traditional 9-5 daily regime for many years due to disabilities the government (Social Security) claims are not disabling. they have denied my case for long enough that I no longer qualify for SSI. When I reach retirement age (15 or more years) if they still have SS I will then recieve whatever minimum they allow.

So maybe if I have helped you out in some way over the phone with your computer or your using the email accounts or just feel like helping out
any donations would be greatly appreciated. Soon I hope to have some items to offer for sale or trade.